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 Suzanne Pilates offers group, mindful mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes to workplaces across the Melbourne community. 

Our classes are delivered in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment and are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and genders. We welcome people who are completely new to Pilates, Yoga and Barre, right through to most experienced person.

Our classes are run by qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about supporting you to reach your goals. We keep our class sizes small, ensuring we can support you to build on your foundations.

Classes are flexible and tailored to your workplace. We understand you may be busy and working from various locations (home or in the office). Our classes can be delivered live, online or in person at your workplace. You can also customise the duration of the class to suit your workplaces needs.

With each of our classes having a specific focus (ranging from Mindfulness matwork up to intermediate level exercises) you’ll be sure to grab a colleague and head over to a session soon as there is something for everyone!


Instructor Profiles


Having fallen in love with the Pilates method after years of practicing it and the many physical and mental health benefits that Pilates brought to my life, I undertook training to become a Qualified Pilates Instructor with The National Pilates Training Program.

When I’m not instructing classes I wear the hat of a Social Work Practitioner, utilising a strengths based, holistic approach to

address peoples support needs, working to improve their overall health and wellbeing.


Being very passionate about holistic health and wellbeing both personally and professionally, I definitely acknowledge the strong link that one’s wellbeing has on their physical health and vice versa.

By being fortunate to have the opportunity to wear both hats, I have a strong interest in working towards empowering people through teaching them tools to improve their health and wellbeing and reach their specific fitness goals in a fun and comfortable environment.


Lauren has developed a deep respect and passion for the Pilates method, after many years of practicing it. Lauren acknowledges the many positive things the method has brought to her overall health and wellbeing, enabling her to live a pain free and healthy life.

 Being a clinically trained pilates instructor, Lauren is excited to share her passion for teaching Pilates with you all, using movement to empower you to experience first hand, the positive benefits of the method can bring to your health and wellbeing. 


Manuella, clinical Pilates instructor is passionate about movement, rehabilitation and functionality. Having experienced chronic lower back pain, a shoulder and hip injury, Manuella found her passion to explore the Pilates Method further after using the method to recover and gain strength as a result of participating in regular Pilates sessions.


Understanding movement is the basis from which Manuella continues to learn and develop from . She has recently undertook studies in a Bachelor of Exercise Science to further enhance her understanding of the body, to translate and share her knowledge through an authentic Pilates experience for people who take her classes.


Clalla has been exploring life as a yogi for over a decade in New York, Tokyo and Melbourne.


Clalla developed a passion to want to share the yoga practice for its natural movement, physical benefits and purity of philosophy.


Her classes focus on embodiment through both soft and strong transitions incorporating the concept of having intention behind the created energy.


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 Phone:  0449 103 952


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