Ascot Partners

"I’ve found that after doing mat Pilates, I can feel the benefits all day; good core strength while I  stand, walk, sit at my desk and even driving home for work or going to the store!

With Suzanne Pilates instructors coming from a range of different disciplines, I’ve been able to develop greater awareness and understanding the impact that  day-to-day life has on my body, as well as how some simple Pilates exercises can help to improve my overall health, concentration and wellbeing!"


Independent Schools Victoria

"My workplace began running weekly Pilates sessions so I decided to join in. 


I’ve rediscovered muscles I had neglected. I feel like I have more energy, focus and an overall increase in my flexibility – plus improved my posture! The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, experienced and can modify and adapt exercises for each person's abilities within the classes. They are friendly and make you feel welcome and confident that you will progress under their guidance. 


I highly recommend Suzanne Pilates, Pilates & Yoga classes to all!"