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What is Pilates?


Did you know Pilates also known as Contrology is a physical fitness system which was developed by physicist, Joseph Pilates. His first studio opened on 8th Avenue, New York in 1926. Joseph combined his belief that both ones mental and physical health is interrelated, thus he designed specific exercises that are required to be carried out using precision and control in order to experience the maximum benefits of them as;


“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. Through Contrology you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities. – Joseph Pilates



Who can do Pilates?


Contrary to common belief, Pilates is suitable and designed for everyone- not just for women. When Joseph designed The Pilates Method, he created an entire series of exercise which are designed to support people to progress in their fitness – Ranging from beginners with no prior fitness history all the way up to intermediate level.


The only exceptions for when group Pilates classes are not suitable is when you have a physical injury condition and history or are pregnant. In these instances, you must consult your medical practitioner to be assessed to determine whether Pilates will be suitable for you. Once you obtain clearance from your practitioner, it is important to advise your instructor so that they are able to provide appropriate modifications and exercises to avoid.



Why does Pilates place so much emphasis on correct breathing patterns?


Breathing engages the intercostal muscles of the body – also known as the muscles between each of the ribs. Just like any other muscle of the body, these muscles can become tense and rigid without regular stretching. By practicing regular breathing exercises, this will help increase the space for the lungs to expand within the rib cage.


What are some of the benefits of doing Pilates?


Pilates elongates and strengthens muscles, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. A body which is balanced helps create strength and flexibility which in turn is less likely to become injured.


Pilates breathing exercises also proposed to enhance relaxation and decrease stress, it also lowers blood pressure, improves focus, the activation of specific muscles, better circulation and respiration.


What to expect


Exercising in a fun, friendly, supportive environment where classes are run by a qualified instructor that is energetic and committed to helping you achieve your goals. The classes are full equipped and shoes are not needed so come along and get ready to get your sweat on!

Terms and Conditions:

SUZANNE PILATES PTY LTD (from hereon known as “Suzanne Pilates”).“Client” means any person participating in Suzanne Pilates’ classes (from hereon also referred to as “you” or “your”)


  1. Our Suzanne Pilates’ “x 10 Session Class Special” is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Unfortunately the date CANNOT be extended.

  2. Our Suzanne Pilates’ 25% off, “refer a friend” discount only applies to existing customers who bring refer a new friend who becomes a paying client and only extends to referrals in their first instance. This offer is only available on equivalent or lesser purchases. For example, if your friend purchases a 10 Session Class Special you will be eligible for 25% off of a 10 Session Class Special or a pass of lesser value. This does not apply to participants who bring the same friend more than once

  3. Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be admitted to class. This is to ensure your safety and to avoid disruption to the class.

  4. All expired class passes and “no show” bookings are nonrefundable.

  5. Please be aware classes are on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, classes can be booked up to 3 days in advance and can be made online on the Suzanne Pilates website (

  6. Payment for classes must be made upon booking online. To book into a class you must either have pre-purchased sessions or pay at the time of booking in the class

  7. All purchases are deemed final, non- refundable, cannot be transferred to another individual and CANNOT under any circumstances be used by another person. If someone other than the person booked into the class arrives to use the session, they will be refused entry to the class – or will be required to book their own sessions in order to participate.

  8. In instances of serious injury, a medical certificate will be required in order to extend the expiry date of a session pack. Extensions due to medical reasons must be requested before the expiration date.

  9. Instructors reserve the right to restrict clients to a particular class type for health and safety reasons; and Instructors reserve the right to turn clients awayrefuse client participation if they deem that they do not have the correct medical clearance

  10.  Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Suzanne Pilates reserves the right to cancel classes if necessary, in which case you will be promptly notified and your payment or pass visit will be refunded in the same form of payment.

  11. Suzanne Pilates group classes do not cater for individuals who are more than 12 weeks pregnant at this stage.


Cancellation Policy

Late cancellations and “no shows” will not be refunded.


Cancellations are required to be made 12 hours prior to your booked class.

Cancellations must be made online via the Suzanne Pilates website. In the event of a late cancellation (within 12 hours of class starting) or a ‘no-show’ you will forfeit the class if you ha’ve booked online. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise, however we must be fair and consistent with all clients across all sessions therefore no exceptions will be made.

Waiver of Liability

Although Suzanne Pilates’ instructors will always take the utmost care and adhere by the most stringent professional standards there are always risks involved with physical exercise. Please take a moment to read the below Waiver of Liability statement whereby agreement is required in order to participate in any of Suzanne Pilates’ classes. By booking into a class you automatically agree to the above Terms & Conditions.


I agree that Suzanne Pilates is in no way responsible for my personal belongings whilst I attend class. I agree to participate in classes knowing that there is a risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I have disclosed any previous illnesses, injury or disease. I acknowledge that I have sought appropriate medical advice in relation to any previous illnesses, injuries or disease. andI will not engage in any class at Suzanne Pilates if I am aware that I have any illness, injury or disease that may exasperate or prevent me from executing the class safely

I agree that I, my family, assigneess or legal representatives will not make any legal claims of any kind against Suzanne Pilates or its representatives and members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or any other matter.

Suzanne Pilates takes theft seriously. In the case of any theft of your personal property, you must report it to a staff member of Suzanne Pilates immediately who will subsequently report it to the Police.